With the government inching ever closer to a shutdown, the White House is being super cautious about staffers using billing time when their off the clock. And when they law down the law on 1600 Pennsylvania, they are not playing around.

According to The National Journal, White House staffers could lose their jobs or worse if they use their work-issued Blackberrys during a shutdown.  Even if their boss is hocAnd as if the threat of being fired isn’t enough, end up in the slammer for two years.

Staffers have reportedly been “read the riot act,” warned not to use the devices. “People are VERY clear on not using BlackBerries [if they’re nonexempted] after a shutdown,” one source said, speaking on condition of anonymity in discussing an internal White House matter with the press. “Same with nonexempted [employees] using their personal BlackBerries [for government work]. Total nonstarter.”

Guess the Crackberry addicts among President Obama’s staff will have to keep their bad habit in check.

In the event a shutdown does happen, only 435 of the 1,781 White House employees, would be allowed to work. A sample memo has been issued to all federal employees outlining work etiquette in the event Congressional leaders can’t come to a compromise on the budget by midnight.

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