Los Angeles Fashion designer Melody Eshani recently revealed her Spring 2011 collection and once again, we’re reminded why we’re diehard fans of her work.

Each oversized statement piece boasts innovative shapes and eye-catching colors that make it more like wearable art than a mere accessory. Larger-than-life studs and ethnic-inspired necklaces make this collection more abstract and imaginative than previous offerings.

Not that there were any complaints before; celebrities such as Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj and Erykah Badu have all been photographed wearing her elaborate jewelry from seasons past. Her collections are just that dope.

Take a look at some of the stunning photos taken from this two-part collection modeled by V. Part 1 features a high-end cluster of limited-edition pieces which are all handmade with raw and precious materials. Part 2 is entitled “The Plastics.”

What do you think of the collection?

-Krystal Franklin

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  • Loves it!

  • Kris

    I love her accessories, but when is she going to make some new shoes?

  • ARosenBklyn

    I contacted her about a custom piece over a year ago, and never received a reply. I feel weary about ordering from someone who doesn’t answer requests. Her website always seems inactive and rarely updated.

  • MzGlam*Ish!


  • Lady Hairroin

    Fab jewelery! I love the pieces. Very unique and pretty. Love live under article;-)

    • Lady Hairroin

      I meant love love the article.