What is the first thing you do when your eyes open from a good night of sleep? Well, for some Americans the answer is Facebook.

According to new research conducted by mobile phone maker Ericsson, nearly 22 percent of smartphone users said they logged into a social network at some point of their morning. All in all, this is not that shocking given that many people, myself included, browse through some social networking site as part of their morning news round up.

But what caught my eye was this finding from the survey on smartphones and social networking:

35 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. log onto social networking site before even rolling out of bed.

Taking it one step further, 18 percent of smartphone users said they check out their Facebook mini feed before their head even leaves the pillow.

Really makes you stop and think how many of those #RiseandGrind tweets are being sent out before people are still laying comfortably between their sheets, bed head and all.

Maybe this is just me, but I feel like my morning shouldn’t literally be started with Facebook statuses and errant tweets. At the very least, I need to have my sunflower warming scrub and a cup of coffee before launching into the social networking phase of the day. Still, it’s to each their own and I’m sure there are folks who can totally relate to the findings.

What’s your morning routine like: do you log into social networks before you get out of bed? Does logging in to Facebook and Twitter before anything else affect how we start the day?

Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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