Drake said it best “time heals all, and heels hurt to walk in”. Contrary to the Sex and the City notion of “the higher the heel, the better,” heels are not inherently comfortable.

Ask any woman hobbling home after a night of standing in her stilettos. With celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna and Keri Hilson rocking vertiginous 6-inch Louboutins, one has to wonder who can really walk in these shoes?

Stilettos, albeit sexy and showstopping, may be causing more damage than they are worth.

Here are 5 reasons to hang up your heels:

1. High heels push the body forward, forcing the hips and spine out of alignment.

2. Calf muscles may contract and shorten with regular wear.

3. Regular wear contracts the Achilles tendon, leading to heel pain.

4. Wearers are at a greater risk of falling, which could lead to a sprained or broken ankle.

5. Narrow toe space in shoes can thicken the nerve between the third and fourth toes, leading to pain and numbness.

While these issues do not come from one night of wearing your Giuseppe’s out on the town, regular wear can damage nerves, tendons and potentially put your body out of its natural alignment. Sure everyone is coveting the new red bottoms Beyonce wore court-side, but when your footwear becomes a pain, literally, it may be time to reconsider what you’re willing to sacrifice for style.

Will you be hanging up your heels for your health?

-Fajr Muhammad


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  • Amen! Sometimes I settle for the shoe that looks “okay” with an outfit over the one that “makes” the outfit. I put comfort and functionality before everything else. Nothing worse than that sister with the fierce shoe game, but painful grimace and walking like she’s on hot coals.

  • Kris

    Nothing wrong with wearing heels, but you have to alternate between heights (flats to high) on a regular basis.

  • lola

    Who os wearing 4 inches and up daily? Don”t let trying to emulate Beyonce leave toy with pinched nerves and vericose veins, bunyons and other problems. I’m sure on real off days when she’s not being snapped by paps she’s not in heels.

  • Mama-T

    I am 50+ and I have been wearing heels since I was “11” yrs old…..I have NO Corns….NO Bunions…..a PERFECT Arch & Instep!! My house shoes are “High Heels”….LOL (but For REAL) !! Only time heels hurt my feet is because they are Poorly made…..not necassary cheap……but,Poorly made !!

    I BEGGGGGEDmy Mom for my 1st pair of heels when I was in the 6th grade and out of “5” girls….I’m the ONLY sister that wears heels 4′ and higher. I see girls/woman walking downtown on their luch break w/sharp suits & pretty dresses …..w/TENNIS SHOES……NEVER….NEVER….NEVER that for me….I…WILL…NOT Compromise my Fit (Out-fit tht is :-) !!

  • Thais

    PLEASE let this above-3-inch heels trend stop!! I can practice walking in heels all day and manage when it’s time to debut them in public, but my toes and balls of my feet still can’t take the friction and the calluses. The issue really is that I can hardly even find anything below 4 inches in stores anymore. Yes it looks sexy on other women but the fact of the matter is that Beyonce, Rihanna and all them ride their fancy cars to the club and sit in the VIP all evening while the rest of us stand up all night. I think designers forget that.