Tyra Banks’ hit reality show, CW’s America’s Next Top Model, boasts sixteen seasons on air—a great accomplishment for a show that’s one of the first of its kind.

Though there are several international editions of the show, ratings for the original series, which features elaborate photo shoots, catty conflicts and teary confessionals, have plummeted.¬†According to MediaWeek,¬†ANTM‘s ratings are down 39% compared to one year ago.

The CW network is responding to the low ratings with an All-Star seventeenth season. The series, which debuts in the Fall, will bring back past favorites who didn’t win the title for a second chance at competing.

What contestants would you like to see return for the All-Star season? Will you tune in? Will this boost ratings for the show?

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  • Stephanie Yvette Brown


  • Mimi

    JADE! Only because she was mental and would make up her own words. I must admit that I’ve stopped watching it for a while now. While I understand what Tyra is trying to do by picking unconventional beauties, some of those chicks are just plain ugly! Not to mention the fact that no one seems to be over a size zero. If she does have someone who is a size six, she’s usually eliminated quickly.

  • Jay

    OMG I would love to see Tiffany back. After Tyra went in on her, I think this would be a good chance for her to come back and be fierce! Oh and Bre too! Til this day I still think she should’ve won!

  • bianca, aminat, fo were all ladies i think deserve a second chance. there are others who were talented and i’d love to see but luckily their careers seem to be pretty successful (despite losing). as mentioned above, tiffany, jade and camille would be great to watch. and the beautiful black girl that was on when jaslene won who had a daughter and wanted to be called hulahay. so many to choose from!

  • To be honest,I think the show needs to just end and I dont think Tyra made the right decision in choosing to continue with Top Model vs her show especially when Oprah was exiting.Ratings are bound to go down after having all these seasons.People get bored.We need something new and fresh and it isnt Top Model.And most of them dont even become Top Models and you see Fatima and Aminat and others who didnt win getting more deals than winners.Dont think Ill be watching.