Grace_Jones11As Black women we are often put into a box of either vixen, Mamie, diva or soul sister. However, in our global world, what it means to be a black girl is becoming less and less concrete. From fashion to music, Black women are stepping outside the box and breaking down genres and stereotypes with their beautiful, unique flair.

Enter the quirky Black girl. She’s the girl listening to Little Dragon, reading Proust and wearing sunflowers in her hair. She’s less concerned with the latest trends as she is with expressing herself whether it be through an interpretive dance, a raging metal band or a vintage frock.

The originator of quirky Black girl style is none other than the legendary dancer, Josephine Baker. An outcast in her own community, Josephine danced her way through Europe, breaking down barriers and stepping outside of the norm with her infamous “banana skirt dance”. She spawned a legion of Black style icons who aren’t afraid to be the “atypical” black girl.

Every decade has had its eccentric icon; from the 80s over-the-top antics of supermodel/singer Grace Jones to the 90s earth child Lisa Bonet, whom begets today’s own poster child for quirky black girl style Zoe Kravitz. Whether these women are wearing an avant-garde designer or a pair of 5 dollar jeans they are comfortable in their own skin. They stand apart from the crowd, showing that black women are more than one-dimensional.

What fearless, unconventional Black girls do you love?

-Fajr Muhammad

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