Today, Billboard rolled out its latest issue with none other than inaugural Billboard Millenium Award recipient, Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter gracing the cover.

In the interview, Beyonce dished on staying ahead of the game, drawing inspiration from Florence and the Machine and revealed the title of her much-anticipated new album.

Bey says her new album will be titled “4” because of the special significance the number has for her.

“We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It’s the day I was born. My mother’s birthday and a lot of my friends’ birthdays are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date.”

Though “4’s” lead single, “Girls (Who Run The World)” has not been fairing as well as her camp would have hoped, Beyonce says she knows the album will keep fans on their toes.

“I recorded more than 60 songs: everything I ever wanted to try, I just did it. I started off being inspired by [Afrobeat music pioneer] Fela Kuti. I actually worked with the band from “Fela!” [the hit Broadway musical based on his life] for a couple of days, just to get the feel for the soul and heart of his music; it’s so sexy, and has a great groove you get lost in. I loved his drums, all the horns, how everything was on the one. What I learned most from Fela was artistic freedom: he just felt the spirit.”

Beyonce says that while she drew influences from familiar territory including 90s R&B, she also drew from Brit sensations Adele and Florence + the Machine as well. She says her goal was to bring in the experimenting and grittiness of her live performance into the studio with her.

“4” will be Beyonce’s first album without the management of her father, Matthew Knowles. Speaking on the split, the star sought to quell any rumors that there is bad blood between her and her dad, saying:

“We were at a point where we’d learned so much from each other, and now it’s exciting for me to do this on my own and hire my own team. I’ve started managing myself.”

Bey says approaching 30 that she has found a new passion for life, taking a year off for the first time, exploring and trying new things.

“ I traveled around, spent time with my husband, woke up in my own bed, ate whatever I wanted, went to museums and Broadway plays, watched documentaries, and just had life experiences…I’m like a sponge and soak everything up…Having time to grow as a human being was really inspiring, and gave me a lot to pull from. I’m excited about growing: I can just have fun, and the artistic freedom to do whatever I want. At this point, I really know who I am, and don’t feel like I have to put myself in a box. I’m not afraid of taking risks – no one can define me.”

While listeners may not be completely sold on “Girls,” there’s no doubting that Beyonce has big things up her sleeve.

Will you be copping “4” when it’s released? Are you excited for Beyonce’s new album and new sound? Tell us what you think, Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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