Last night, Beyonce took the stage of ‘American Idol’ continuing the promotion of her upcoming album, ‘4.’ The singer made a dramatic turn giving fans a ballad much in contrast to the pulsing bravado of “Girls (Who Run the World).”

The slower paced ‘1+1’ is a reflective love song that is sure to touch the heart of Bey stans and non-stans alike. With lyrics like “I don’t know much about guns, but I’ve, I’ve been shot by you,” the Dream-penned ballad is a powerful love song that exudes the air of a barebones R&B classic.

Watching her sing ‘1+1’, you can just tell Bey has her husband Jay on her mind. She calls it her “favorite song” and it was clear when she took the stage at ‘Idol’ and drew out what seemed like every particle of energy floating in the room.

Bey also released the tracklisting for ‘4’ yesterday via her Facebook page. The album, which starts out with ‘1+1’, will also feature Andre 3000 on a track called ’Party.’

Full tracklisting for ‘4’:
I Care
I Miss You
Best Thing I Never Had
Party featuring Andre 3000
Rather Die Young
Start Over
Love On Top
End Of Time
I Was Here
Run The World (Girls)

The official release date for ‘4’ is set for June 28th.

What did you think of Bey’s performance last night on ‘Idol’?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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  • sandrine

    So my ears couldn’t make it through the entire performance, but everyone’s right. The song is STUPID, but I will say that The BEPs and plenty of other grown adults have made profitable careers singing ridiculous lyrics. I don’t think it’s fair to call her out on this topic.

    ….And I couldn’t help staring at her nose! Was it the angle? The lighting?

  • very Prince-esq….