We told you last week about Beyonce re-doing her performance for Oprah’s 25th Anniversary Farewell Extravaganza and today we finally got to see the final product as day one of the two-day special aired on ABC. Unlike last night’s, screen assisted performance (a little MIA vibe there- no?) at the Billboard Music Awards, Beyonce let her soaring vocals run this performance of the female empowerment anthem, “Girls (Who Run The World).”

Kicking off her performance Bey made a shout out to the lady of the hour saying “Oprah, we can run the world.” Her stage prowess garnered approval from the mogul, who at one point is seen mouthing, “Unbelievable” in reaction. A wide-eyed Tom Cruise was there cheering the ‘Girls’ diva along as well- though sadly, no dramatic jumping on his part this time around.

Check out Beyonce’s tribute to the mogul and tell us what you think!

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  • Domino

    Okay..we got it, you don’t like her blonde hair. And what’s new?

    I’m no Beyonce fan but MAN she can dance.

  • Lisa

    The message is consistent people: EMPOWERMENT. Period!

  • LNicole

    The lyrics are very juvenile and don’t really speak to empowerment. She needs to allow her music to mature. This song could have easily been a Destiny Child’s song circa 2002. The chorus is catchy and she has diehard fans so it will be a success one way or another. I did like the Oprah performance much more than the video. I think girls rule the world with intelligence and strength not by dancing half-naked and then saluting men… As far as her altering the performance, that is the norm. You’d be a fool not to. I don’t think the profanity and flipping of the bird are at all necessary because I think women can rule the world all while remaining classy. This whole “gangsta” image she seems to be flirting with is very disturbing to me. Just because she is married to Jay-Z doesn’t mean they are really Bonnie and Clyde…I’m just saying. Tone it down, you get street cred by default as Mrs. Jigga.

  • ArielB

    At first I didn’t get Beyonce’s newest song, but seeing the Oprah performance yesterday made it seem like the song was made to celebrate her it was so perfect.