Brian McKnight is back with his new video for “Fall 5.0.”  Is the singer’s comeback jam an instant classic or does it fall short?  Watch and tell us what you think!

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  • Mara

    I’m sorry ppl. I must disagree. I have loved B. McKnight from the beginning and I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Yeah…he could have easily done this without the auto-tune, but at least we know that when he turns that off there’s a real voice behind it all. I love the beat and the lyrics. Just an all around good song for me. Who knows…this one may provide a new fan base for him or it may be a flop. But either way, I got this one on repeat right now:)

  • Kanona

    One word…HOT!!!

  • Debbie

    I have LOVED Brian McKnight since he made his debut. Yes, that ages me! Non the less I LOVE this song. I will buy his new CD as I have bought every other, including his Christmas CD’s. The best! Regarding the Auto-tune, he is trying to be cutting edge, but I agree, we “classic” fans could do without. His voice is even better live in concert. Again, beautiful song!!! Love you Brian! ;)