As he celebrates his 37th birthday today, singer Cee-Lo Green drops his latest video from his album “The Lady Killer.” Will “I Want You (Hold On To Love)” continue the movement started with the catchy first single “F*ck You?”

Tell us what you think of Mr. Green’s new summer jam. What say you Clutchettes- love it or leave it alone?

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  • apples (bb)

    I find it interesting that his first two videos (which predominately feature black women) “Fuck You” and “Bodies” revolved around the themes of gold-digging women and murder (on his part). The song in which he professes love: “I Want You (Hold On to Love)”, features predominately non-black women. For all the black women upset, take a step back and look at the psych of this man. What is he discreetly (or subconsciously) telling his audience about HIS view of black women? He divorced his wife (who was black) six years prior. It could be because of the negative experience he had with his ex-wife he now believes ‘grass is greener on the other side’…if you know what I mean.

    After thinking this through I retract my first statement to Ms. Pillowz.

  • apples (bb)

    Why isn’t my comment showing X-(

  • Girl

    Thanks for mentioning that, apples.

  • BluTopaz

    Not challenging any of the previous comments, but imo I think Black women overall should realize how little regard many Black males have for them. There is no other group of men who constantly degrade, dismiss or devalue their women on the same level and so publicly, and they are not worth trying to figure out.

    As for the video, eh. Dude has a great, distinctive voice but all this pop rock is not nearly as inventive as his Gnarls Barkley days–I looove a lot of his music from that collabo and this stuff is so sub par. Plus he was recently quoted as saying how many women he has sex with on a daily basis–THAT visual is even worse than the Liberace shirt screenshot up there.

  • Stankonia

    This is a different version. I like the original much better. The new music takes away from the song. His album is solid, I really love his voice. I must agree with comments of him being a tad creepy, but overall I respect his “flare” and his ability to think and sing outside the box..

    • ms_micia

      Agreed. This version doesn’t hold the power of the original. not even close. y did he change it???? :/