Who knew the “the Oprah Effect” not only turned small business owners into millionaires, but also made some folks crazy as hell too?

Chicago police say 44-year old Robert Spearing wanted to be in the audience for Oprah’s final so bad he concocted a story claiming he was beaten and robbed for his show tickets.

NBC Chicago reports:

Chicago Police say Robert Spearing, 44, of Ontario, Canada, concocted a story that he was robbed of his show tickets. He said he even had the scrapes to prove it.

Officers say Spearing allegedly scraped his hands on the sidewalk and used a rock to make a small cut on his forehead, all in hopes of making the ruse more believable.

Spearing first told police he was beaten and robbed by two suspects at Madison and Wood streets but then admitted it was a hoax. He told police he didn’t want his wife to be mad at him. He also told police he believed he could buy tickets outside the United Center.

*cue Biggie*

Damn…why they wanna stick me for my…Oprah tickets?


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