Kanye West is Mr. Controversy, whether it be for his lyrics, performances or fashion choices. He is either loved or hated, but regardless of our feelings about him, we must admit that his creativity and imagination are unparalleled. He ventures to places musically that most never dare to go and even dabbles in wearing women’s fashion which has stirred up a significant amount of backlash in the fashion industry.

Kanye attended the 2011 Met Gala in a suit designed by Tory Burch, which was her first foray into menswear. She did a fantastic job and Kanye looked impeccable, in a look we rarely see him in.

He usually opts for edgier looks including varsity jackets, skinny jeans that are destructed or made of leather and high-fashion sneakers, whether they be retro Jordans or high tops by Louis Vuitton. Kanye is one of music and fashion’s wildest characters, taking risks at every turn, but his choice of tuxedo showed his mature side and that he does clean up rather well. On the other hand, what draws us all to him is his creative and quite excessive personality, pushing the envelope like no other artist can.

Do you like Kanye dressed up or dressed down? Is his creative fashion sense just an extension of his character or do you wish that he would grow up and put on a tuxedo more often?

-Faith Cummings

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