We’ve all heard that church is one of the best places to meet a potential mate, but for some Mormons in D.C., it may be their only hope.

Recently the Washington Post profiled the newly opened “23rd Street chapel” a Mormon Church solely for singles in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

On any given evening, up to 800 single Mormons meet and greet for Bible study, icebreakers, and pizza with the intention of hopefully meeting their future spouse. The D.C.-area chapel is home to the largest population of single Mormons outside of the religion’s home base—Utah.

Because of the “exalted view of marriage” in Mormonism, many of the worshipers attend the 23rd Street chapel with the hopes they will get hitched soon.

In the Mormon faith, one must be married to be able to hold leadership positions in the church as well as reach the highest parts of heaven.

The Washington Post writes:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as Mormons are formally known, teaches that all people have an afterlife, but one must be married, or “sealed,” to reach its highest parts. While Mormons believe it’s possible to be sealed in one’s afterlife, unmarried people are barred from key leadership positions in the church and often worship in separate singles congregations.

Just last month, a top Mormon official urged young people not to delay marriageor “waste time in idle pursuits” at a biannual churchwide meeting.

Although many faiths run special programs for single parishioners, the 23rd Street chapel has taken the revolutionary step to separate its single congregants from its married ones, having each group worship separately. While this might make it easier for singles to meet up, some worshipers say that many of the socials and mixers feel too much like a “marriage market.” Still, many of the congregation’s singles are thankful they can meet others whose ultimate goal is to get married and have a family.

Reading about the 23rd Street Chapel made me wonder how others go about finding their mate.

From nightclubs to libraries, church basements and bingo, where do you go to meet Mr. or Ms. Right?

Let’s talk about it!


*photo courtesy of the Washington Post

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  • FYI, the ward at 23rd is not “taking a revolutionary approach.” It’s common for areas with a high concentration of single adults to create a “singles ward,” to help people get married.

    • BlackButterfly

      Very true Saidah.

      Actually, just about every Stake (similiar to a Catholic Parish) in the LDS (Mormon) church has a singles ward. This is nothing new and has been a part of the church for many decades. I guess the mainstream media is just slow to recognize this… There are several in the Philly metro area.

  • Gigi Young

    The post answered the question: To be a good Mormon is to be married, so why wouldn’t they be so single-minded and focused on finding a mate?

  • I’m sorry the Black Church does not focus on marriage as a right & as a requirement of getting in Heaven. The Mormon Church is designed for that & w/that being their primary focus you’ll have this Mormon Match.com scenario.

    Also there are not enough Black men in the Black church to do this. Unfortunately we’ll just have to find other ways of meeting & greeting which will hopefully lead to the altar :)

    • Leah


  • I don’t go anywhere to meet men… I just do and go about my business. They’ll come around.