Before Rihanna went pants-less and Nicki rocked pink wigs, Grace Jones was setting trends and pushing boundaries. Today is the style icon’s birthday and we thought nothing would be more fitting than a tribute.

The Jamaican stunner became popular in the late 1970’s with her string of dance hits and her controversial androgynous look. She became a muse to another style icon in Andy Warhol and his photographs of her are still coveted to this day. Though she had hit songs in the United States including “Pull Up to the Bumper”, she never became a real mainstream artist here, but her popularity exploded in the UK and Europe where she had a number of Top 40 hits.

Grace has also starred in some of Hollywood’s most memorable movies including Conan the Destroyer, A View to Kill and Boomerang. She is fierce enough to play the villain, but has a sense of humor that is powerful enough to have us all in stitches. She has had a dynamic career and has succeeded in the worlds of film and music as well as in modeling on the runway for Diesel and Arise Magazine‘s Fashion Show.

Today, celebrities and designers still channel Grace’s style, clearly showing how lasting of an impression she has made on us all. We have a feeling that this is just another year gone by and that she has much more in store for the world.

Scroll through to see some of Grace’s most powerful looks.

What do you think of Grace’s style?

-Faith Cummings

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