Today, the iconic Lauryn Hill inches one year closer to the top of the hill. The singer’s fans have cherished her through her up and downs. Even when she shied public appearances and made some frustratingly questionable ones, Lauryn loyalists have always harkening back to memories attached to the music she’s made from her Fuguee days to now.

This summer Lauryn will again take the stage at Rock The Bells giving audiences a special treat. Following up on her performance at last years’ rap festival, the singer will be performing her album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in its entirety, allowing audiences to reminisce and sing along with tracks like “To Zion” and “Nothing Even Matters.”

Another year older and still filled with a fierce passion for her craft, Lauryn is truly a muse and a gem.

What’s your favorite Lauryn Hill tune Clutchettes? Share it with us here!

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