If the pregnancy rumors swirling around her are true, then the little one in Lauryn’s womb was definitely jamming last night. The singer made a rare television appearance on NBC’s “Late Nights With Jimmy Fallon,” performing as part of the show’s Bob Marley week. Dressed in a flowy floral dress, a dope dashiki printed jacket and her Magritte-esque bowler hat, Lauryn tore it up giving a fitting tribute to the reggae legend and grandfather of her children.

Check out Ms. Hill covering the classics, “Could You Be Loved” and “Chances Are.”

What do you think of Lauryn’s performance last night- love it or leave it alone? Let us know, Clutchettes. Share your thoughts!

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  • BluTopaz

    IMO Lauryn is a true case of an artist who has been overhyped to death because we are starving for real music. Miseducation was what, a decade ago and her diehard fans act like it’s a resurrection everytime she shows up (usually several hours late) to rush through Zion off key, or songs written by her children’s grandfather. I was totally inspired by her also, she was everywhere in the 90’s and it was fantastic to see a gorgeous, talented young Black woman who looked like her as an icon of so many positive things. But that’s over, and I don’t get people who want to deify her. And she is often incredibly rude to the musicians hired to back her. She needs a therapist, nevermind a stylist.

    Her constant remarks about ‘i have compromised my life to please my fans’ is just some arrogant ish. There are plenty artists who have been legends for decades and they don’t act like they gave blood to be famous. But i do give her props for being a woman in this role, it’s usually only guys who get away with this.