The latest video from Jennifer Lopez takes us back to her “If You Had My Love” days.  While it’s been over a decade since 1999’s On The Six dropped, J. Lo shows age isn’t keeping her from still doing her thing.  Now, in her latest video for “I’m Into You,” Lopez takes through too many outfit changes to count, one gorgeous leading man (William Levy a.k.a the “Brad Pitt of Mexico”) and even a cameo from Lil’ Wayne. Going from the beach to ancient Mayan pyramids of  Chichen Itza, Mexico Lopez is a tour de force if only for four minutes of our day.

What’s your take on Jennifer Lopez’s new video, Clutchettes? Love it or leave it alone?

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  • Bhoranie

    Loving it…styling was on point!

  • LAA

    Lil Wayne
    [Verse 3]
    Who would have known that this would, one day, turn out so hectic
    But I chose my own life, so I gradually accept it
    I’m influenced and effected by the way it became
    And I don’t play with them at all, so I don’t say its a game
    And even though I grew up hard, and I have gracefully changed
    I’m always street so I’ll forever be facing the chains
    And I’ll keep this thing brutained on the waist of my pants
    And I demand respect from all if not then I’m waisting a man
    And if I want it then I get, and if I need it, I have it
    Take care of my family first, plus the liquor and weed is a habit
    And I’m so often I’m congratulated for the succeeding at last
    But when they turn they back, I just have Jesus leading my path
    And I didn’t ask for you to like me, I don’t care if you hate me
    But don’t mistake me, no other man can ever make me or break me
    And I’ll be faithfully inspired by the hood until I’m gone
    And I dawg I do believe I’m grown
    so I’ll be good on my own

  • BrwnSuga

    Yaaawwwnnn….this video looks like a deja vu Beyonce video….come up with something new….what would have saved it was if she could actually sing___but she can’t…