Jessica White has been the face of Maybelline for almost four years now, thus we are well aware of her amazing skin and striking looks. She is now looking to spread her insider secrets and give us all her same sunkissed glow with her new line of skincare, Devise Beauty.

Jessica is working alongside chemist Maria Ash to develop the line that will enhance the beauty of women’s skin, with a specific focus being geared toward African American, Latina and Asian skin tones. There are only a handful of beauty brands that cater to women of color, thus this news is really groundbreaking.

Maybelline is sold in drugstores, thus we might be able to expect that the line will be affordable and mass-produced, but more details of the specifics of the line have yet to surface. We can definitely expect a high energy, beautiful advertising campaign, perhaps with Jessica herself as the face.

More details to come so stay tuned for more information.

What do you think of the idea of Devise Beauty? Are you interested in purchasing?

-Faith Cummings

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  • See man – Black women eyeballing the position instead of who’s actually up there again.

    Jessica White = White woman Dipped in chocolate.

    One girl says she likes her eye makeup.

    That picture has been so photoshopped it’s insane.

    1) She’s about 10 shades darker than that
    2) They turned her head 45 degrees to the right so that u can’t see her Black nose!
    3) Even thought she had a nose job and got an Alar Base Reduction and reduced the slope of her nose.
    4) The straight hair blowing back like it’s caught in a breeze.

    I meanI know the photo doesn’t have much to do with this piece but – I’ve always hated how they did her in this photo.

    Go ahead google her. U won’t even think it’s the same black woman.

    Black women need to stop eyeballin the position tryin to feel good about themselves and need to start focusing on what’s actually being PUSHED OFF TO THEM.

    • June

      I think the picture doesn’t accurately highlight how pretty she actually is. My guess is they wanted to showcase the eyeshadow.

  • I love that there is a new of cosmetics for ethnic skin types. I would like to see some Eco-friendly elements in the line as well.

    This picture is beautiful & if you are not familiar with the world of fashion photography, this is the result: Beautiful women looking even more so. Love it!