CNN recently reported that Jewish groups in Argentina have successfully petitioned the court to get an injunction that blocks Google’s search engine from suggesting websites deemed anti-Semitic.

According to CNN:

The injunction names 76 sites that the organization considers “highly discriminatory.”

Google’s suggested searches are a Google algorithm that offers search terms similar to the one the user appears to be typing in.

“The common denominator on these sites is the incitement of hate and the call to violence,” DAIA said in a statement. “In none of these cases are there discussions or criticisms from the academic, technological, political or philosophical perspectives.”

Although the ruling noted that restrictions on freedom of speech are prohibited under the Argentine constitution, the presiding judge, Carlos Molina Portela, noted that the constitution also protects people from discrimination, which in some cases means it’s “permissible to prevent the diffusion of certain publications if they infringe on someone’s personal rights.”

Although some may wonder about the presence of Jews in Argentina, the country has the largest Jewish population in Latin America with more than 250,00 residing in the country.

Whether or not the ruling will stand, one thing is clear: Black folks can take a cue from these Argentine Jewish groups.

Imagine the amount of racist B.S. that could be eliminated from our Google searches if we were able to achieve such a coup.

What do you think? Could African-American Groups also block racist Google search results?

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  • Lulu

    If this is intended to curtail hate, it wont work. People have had hatred in their hearts before the internet existed. Blacks do not have the power to ever enact something like this. But it shouldnt matter, we should continue to find strength to overcome racism even in weakness.

  • the unmentioned 1

    i think we should ban anything pro jewish or pro bi-racial from the internet. let alone the world. we should really have a 2nd holocaust but on a much bigger scale. And any white men/ women that date black men/women should be put into work camps and there un-holy children should be made into clothing to be burned. only fair.

  • Gotten, the answer whom really running political parties and police influence the “Zionist” every bit interest did expect otherwise. Nice try’s and lies Zionist control
    American, economic and diplomacy what about so called Black interest tell us?