Kanye West has always had a flair for the dramatic and luckily he has the talent to back it up. The packaging for his album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy garnered a ton of controversy (in true Kanye fashion) because of its graphic imagery, created by world-renowned artist George Condo and the frames to the images, by M/M Paris.

Kanye didn’t end there. He wanted to find a way to artistically combine Condo’s vivid imagery with M/M Paris’ frames. The solution was a collection of scarves showcasing both brands’ talents.

The collection is small, comprised of just five scarf designs made of 100% silk twill. Each scarf depicts one of the album covers painted by Condo and is embedded in an elaborate gold frame with lettering drawn by hand by M/M Paris. This is a beautiful way to showcase the album art and really brings it to life.

Naturally, everything that Kanye does is cutting-edge and exclusive and thus only 100 pieces will be made of each design. The scarves aren’t inexpensive either; they’re being sold at 250€ or $365 a piece. Just think: you will be owning wearable art. George Condo’s works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars so when you do the math, the price might be considered by some as a deal. But would you buy Kanye’s “wearable art” for that price?

Kanye West’s scarf collection goes on sale on May 9th and will be available for purchase at www.colette.fr and www.mmparis.com.

What do you think of Kanye West’s line of scarves? Would you buy it?

-Faith Cummings



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