Monday, the Internet erupted after evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa posted an article on Psychology Today that asserted that Black women were the least attractive women on earth.

Rightfully, many were up in arms, bombarding the Psychology Today Twitter timeline with scornful tweets and emailing the editors to express their displeasure with Kanazawa’s article.

After undergoing a title change, the article magically disappeared from the Psychology Today website, but that may have been the least of Kanazawa’s troubles.

According to Jezebel, Kanazawa’s racist article may cost him his teaching position at the London School of Economics (LSE) due to complaints from the student body.

After students at the LSE read Kanazawa’s article, they voted unanimously to have him fired from the university. The LSE, who issued a statement saying Kanazawa’s article does not represent the entire university, has also launched an investigation and will decide whether or not to punish the so-called scholar.

No matter what happens to Kanazawa’s career at the London School of Economics, he has been exposed not only as a racist, but also a pseudo-scientist that dabbles in faulty data to push his ignorant agenda.

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  • He is just pissed off because some “sister” probably turned his ass down.

  • Ms. French

    My concern is why in the world would Physcology Today a well respected publication would publish an article that would spead this blatantly rasisit article that is CLEARLY unfounded. Whatever editor let this article get past his circular file and into press should be FIRED for terribly poor judgement. This article has done far more damage then we can even conceieve because before it hit the magazine it was already in the hearts and minds of thoes who published it. Mr. K should peharps do studies and research on things and subjects hes famliar with and dig deeper into his own race and his own soul

  • israelite-monster


    then take whatever sentence from my origin comment and copy paste it so i can see it. i have no idea what u r talking of. i read it agin and i never said BW where ugly.

  • MrsSunshine

    As a BW, I have to be honest – the truth is we are some of the most unique women that have walked the face of this earth. From our hair textures, which can range from pin straight to coarse. To our skin complexions, which can be extremely light to blue black (my daughter is extremely light, and she is not biracial). Our physical attributes are extremely rare, exotic, and beautiful. But unfortunately everyone does not embrace diversity, and I’m not sure that mentality will ever completely change. However, if we are being honest we must be COMPLETELY honest. This study and article was not truly written to single out black women. If you research the writer, he has co authored a book that examines why beautiful people have daughters. So his niche is discussing topics that evaluate ones outer appearance.

    The data collected during this study, is what I find alarming. And was apparently alarming to the author, which is why he wrote this article. Yes, I’m sure this was written with selfish intentions – the more publicity the better for him. However, we all know that there are tons of beautiful black women out there, so were the people who participated in the study contributing their opinions solely on physical attributes or were they basing their opinions on negative experiences they had had with us? I’m willing to bet that a majority of the study, though it was supposed to be based on looks, were actually affected by the negative attitudes that are so often displayed within our sisterhood.

    I see it day in and day out – the black woman that is stressed, single, overworked, underpaid, longing for love, and unhealthy – treat others badly. Ironically, a majority of these factors are self imposed. We have been groomed to believe that we are every woman and that we don’t need a man. Well, reality check – that is far from the truth. We were created out of man, therefore in order for us to be whole we do need healthy, loving, caring relationships with the opposite sex. As a result of this myth, we stretch ourselves too thin, worry about other peoples problems and put everyone else before ourselves.

    This should never, ever be the case. We have to make a conscience effort to start taking better care of ourselves. Our well being affects us from the inside out, not to mention, the people around us. Stressed, unhappy women are not feminine or beautiful. Beauty radiates from the inside out, and no one can see your beauty if you are not taking the time to nurture it.

    Listen to the undertones of the article, he also evaluated how black women see themselves – and how typically a woman is considered the more attractive sex in her race, except us. That’s a key indicator that negative interactions with us have affected peoples view of us. Even some of the negative comments on this message board, are extremely disheartening to me. Some things do not require a negative response, we know the study does not represent the opinions of everyone. But look a little closer, what is this guy really trying to imply? It is really speaking volumes, you don’t have to agree – just quietly evaluate it.

    Virtue, humility, strength (strength doesn’t alway have to be loud and boisterous, we can express ourselves as ladies by demonstrating refinement and class), character and a soft, transparent spirit are things that Godly Women are made of. Ladies we need to stay on Proverbs 31, and take it to the next level!!!