From the day she hit the music scene, we knew that Kelis was different. Her sound, her style, her lyrics: she was definitely doing something new and we all couldn’t help but watch.

Her fashion choices are definitely far from the norm and she has channeled every era from disco diva to punk rock. You will never see her conform to trends or wear the latest designs because that’s not who she is. Vogue Italia chatted with the songstress and style maven about her style. Here are some excerpts from the interview below.

What is your earliest fashion memory?

“As a little girl I always dressed myself. All of a sudden people start bringing fashion up and asking me about my style. While I wasn’t really realizing what I was doing or trying to be a part of something.”

How would you describe your style in general?

“I am an emotional dresser. My mood is important to decide what I wear.”

Style tip

“Know your body.”

Most memorable fashion moment?

“Wearing Alexander McQueen shoes.”

Kelis has had some pretty memorable looks whether on the red carpet, out and about or on stage. See some of them here.

Visit www.vogue.it to read more from Kelis’ interview.

What do you think of Kelis’ style? Do you like her many changes throughout the years?

-Faith Cummings

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  • Wendy

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Kelis!!! She’s so gorgeous!! I really admire her style! <3

  • lola

    She’s always been my fav quirky girl. But I’d rather hear about her work out and skin regimens. She’s got great muscle tone, but still really lean.

  • si

    ive always loves kelis’ style beucause she is very authentic with it. you can tell no one is telling her what to wear, you can tell that each piece was personally picked by her and has a personal sense of meaning to her and to her style. everything she wears is one of a kind, and looks right on her. she knows how to clean up when the occassion calls for it, but on a regular day, she does her, which is usually something far out the box, that no one else could pull off without a whole factory of a glam team behind them.