• Esther

    all these people up here are just HATERS! how can this outfit belong to a 12 year old like seriously ? GET REAL ! or shut up and bury me? you probably don’t have style yourself you ignorant person. I just don’t get people, that outfit is so cute!!! and Toy makes it POP because it’s not just the clothes it’s her. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion but serious none of those were opinions in my words it was more so of just a hatred towards her and people really need to let that go i don’t have to say what hatred because they already know. Toy ily you look beautiful and honey orange is your color! stay sweet and i pray to meet you some day:)

    • Bronze

      Ok Esther. I don’t know if you ran out of meds or if you caught your man cheating on you but dear, seriously, the world almost ended Saturday and your going off about fashion comments?

      We are a fun loving bunch of fashion critics. And one thing we are not is mean spirited.

      This is a non-violent site. If you want to cuss people out go to YBF or Bossip.

    • Me27

      Thank you Bronze! (LMAO @ “the world almost ended Saturday”)

  • curious

    to me, they almost match because of how bright they are and the kind of fabric. i like it.

  • C in Cleveland

    It looks kind of dated, like late ’90s. While it doesn’t help that Latoya is the model, this outfit really isn’t the fashion forward look we appreciate most.

    Btw, don’t get too comfortable, Brother Camping predicts that October will host the day of reckoning.

    • Bronze

      Oh Yeah….

      I heard that some people actually committed suicide. Like dang….really????

  • jones

    She always looks fit…don’t like the colors…perhaps she should have chosen to stay with the same color…