It’s never been a thing that I’ve done well. And yet it’s a virtue that I am supposed to have. But if you don’t already posses it, can patience be learned?

This is the question I’ve struggled with for years and the one that, this week, seemed trapped between the corners of my mind.

I imagine patience is supposed to come with a matching feeling. Like those juniors section outfits that came on two-part hangers but had you feeling like the coolest person in fifth grade. Yes, that is how I think patience is supposed to come: hanging there with tranquility, peace and calm.

Sadly for me, I’ve never been too keen on matching two-pieces and my attempts at learning patience are never accompanied with the temperament that seems appropriate. If I’m patiently waiting- it’s usually more in the Eminem sense- with bitten nails and teetering on the brink of rage with the world. Not because I am angry with anyone but because I hate what comes with waiting.

Robert Redford once said, “It was the waiting that was the worst because the waiting gave you time to think off all the things you could have done.” My soul believes that quote the way my 5-year-old mind truly believed that Robert Redford was actually what Moses looked like in real life. It’s the waiting that makes patience harder and makes doubting creep and take nest in my head.

When it comes to patience, I’ve grown quite some way but not because I tried to learn. But because life has a way of deciding to teach you whether you wanted to come to class or not. I find that for women who are no good at patience, surrender is often our last resort. But often times like is just waiting on us to say, “Fine. It’s not in my hands,” before it give us what we want.

Today, remember the rewards of patience don’t reveal themselves when we achieve emotional perfection. Allow blessings to show up in your life by accepting your imperfections with humility and grace.

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