NFL player Albert Haynesworth is under fire. Not only because he was arraigned this morning for allegedly groping a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington D.C. back in February, but because his apparent defense against the sex abuse charges is pretty pathetic—he can’t possibly be guilty, Haynesworth asserts because he “doesn’t even like Black girls.”

According to The Root, Haynesworth refused to accept a plea deal for simple assault, which would have kept him out of jail. Instead, he was arraigned on sex abuse charges for allegedly “sliding his credit card into the bra of a waitress and touching her breast during a birthday party,” and may face up to 180 days in jail if convicted.

Aside from Haynesworth’s ridiculous, “I don’t even like Black girls” defense, the troubled Washington Redskins player went on to claim the waitress was just mad because his girlfriend is white.

“I didn’t touch her. I don’t even like black girls. I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me, ” Haynesworth said.

Perhaps sensing the stupidity of his client’s defense, Haynesworth’s business manager, told reporters that the “real” reason the waitress filed charges against his client was because she was upset over her tip.

The Washington Post reports:

A letter sent by prosecutors to Haynesworth’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden, Friday and filed with D.C. Superior Court outlined the content of a 911 call made the night of the alleged incident. The business manager was not identified.

Prosecutors also provided a CD of the call and recordings of D.C. police radio chatter during the incident.

After Haynesworth got into a “verbal altercation” with a waitress over the amount of the tip, according to the letter, the waitress threatened to say she had been harassed unless he left more money. The business manager then called 911, the letter said.

On Monday, Bolden said he was “aware” of the 911 call and was “still investigating” it.

In the court filing, prosecutors said they had interviewed “numerous” witnesses present during the alleged incident — including some identified by Haynesworth’s defense team — and none mentioned a verbal altercation.

Prosecutors also reminded Bolden of Haynesworth’s sworn statement to investigators, in which he said that other than ordering food, “I did not talk to the waitress.” Haynesworth also allegedly told investigators the waitress was upset with him because he rejected her advances.

Although it is up to the court to decide if Haynesworth assaulted the alleged victim, I am troubled by his assertion that he couldn’t possibly be guilty of assaulting the waitress because she was Black.

With his disparaging comments, Haynesworth joined a growing list of Black male celebrities that have had less than stellar things to say about Black women.

Despite his apparent diss to Black women, however, I would argue that Haynesworth’s claim that the waitress was “just mad” he was dating a White girl is not only extremely tired, but says more about his mindset than hers.

Sexual assault and abuse is rarely about who the perpetrator finds attractive—it is about power. And asserting that he couldn’t possible be attracted to the waitress, and therefore not be guilty of assaulting her, because she is Black does little to make Haynesworth sound like a falsely accused man, but rather a complete asshole.

What do you think of Albert Haynesworth’s “I don’t even like Black girls” defense? Sound off!


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