What’s your take on Nicki’s latest video, Clutchettes?  Tell us what you think: love it or leave it alone?

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  • Pearlsrevealed

    Katy Perry meets JJFad rewind 2011.

  • Nisha pooh

    Omg The whole time i was watching this video i was like DAME….she looked Sexy ass hell..and i was i was in this video….she can give me a lap dance….LOVE IT!!!
    LOVE HER SEXY ASS!!!!>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^^^^=)>

  • bb

    i like the song. it’s cute it’s fun it’s catchy and it wasn’t meant to be anything more. same with the vid.

  • bb

    There’s someone else named ‘bb’ on this site??

    • bb (soon to be former name)

      I guess this means I have to change my name :-(