This weekend, Tamera Mowry, 32, tied the knot with her love, Adam Housley in a flower filled ceremony in Napa Valley. Standing before 300 guests and with her expecting twin sister slash matron of honor by her side, Tamera said her vows in a stunning Carolina Herrera. Her groom and best friend stood in awe, wearing a tuxedo and converses on his feet.

According to People:

“I feel so blessed to be marrying such an amazing man,” says Mowry. Adds Housley: “Tamera is beautiful inside out.”

For the first dance, the newlyweds danced to Journey’s “Faithfully” before surprising their guests with a performance to LL Cool J’s “Going Back to Cali.”

Late night snacks include a taco truck and dessert from Sift cupcakes.

Reading the report, my heart filled up with joy. I always rooted for Tamera Mowry. But from the minute Sister, Sister aired I identified with her sister’s character the most. When Tamera was scheming sneaking out to concerts, she was worried about what Ray would say if he found out. While Tamera would “do her homework” with her music cranked all the way up, Tia was an ardent student. But more than anything off camera, she was the social underdog- a witty girl who got less attention for her charm than her mind.

While the two sister’s on television personas were fictional, as the sister grew older the underdog dynamic seemed to play out in real life. Both beautiful, both talented, it seemed that the solo career breaks came to Tia more frequently. And when Tia jumped the broom with her husband, Cory Hardict, looking at their wedding pictures I felt both happiness and a slight hint of dread. What of the underdogs? Was there a last place in love?

Seeing Tamera tying the knot is great, but thinking about it even better has been seeing her happy though all these years. Even with her sister’s personal successes, she always showed a smile and kept laughing. She never seemed concerned with placing first or coming in last. She kept dating, kept working and kept growing as a woman before our eyes.

As someone who knows, it can be easy to feel like an underdog in love. Whether it’s having too much of something or too little of another, I think we often trick ourselves into believing there are medals or gold stars for love. At the end of the journey there is no prize. The truth is we find our own.

And whether it is in Converses or standing by a taco truck, I think when we see our love, we’ll know.

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