As part of his search to trace his roots, Jamaica, Queens native 50 Cent took a trip down to Edgemont, South Carolina. The trip, as well as the rapper turned mogul’s quest to find his roots is identified in a new MTV documentary, “50 Cent: The Origin of Me.”

While 50 may run the show when it comes to G-Unit, during the documentary he gets schooled in fictional black history by an elderly woman along the way.

During their conversation, 50 explains to the woman that the Confederate flag connoted racism in the eyes of many black people. Having none of it, she replied:

“People really don’t understand what’s going on at that period of time,” the elderly woman told 50 Cent. “Black citizens in this country really needs to study the history, because it’s just as much the black ancestry as it is the White ancestry.”

As she continues, the woman tells 50 that between the late 18th and early 19th century, both “African and Mongolian” slaves were brought to America. Keeping a straight face, the rapper commented:

“Mongolian slaves?…I never heard of that before…”


When asked what race the “Mongolian slaves” in South Carolina were, the woman told 50 that they were black and did not have any distinguishing facial features. Odd since, Mongols trace their origins to the landlocked country between Russia and China and would in theory look slightly varied from people from West Africa.

Remaining polite, 50 replied, “That’s news to me.” Proudly the old woman tells him, “It is. Well, we need to study our history.”


Seeing 50 deal with this woman’s “history lesson” made us wonder- how would you respond? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- share your thoughts!

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