It’s widely known that American designers have been affected by our First Lady’s style. For example, Mrs. O’s beloved kitten heels have shown up on Fashion Week runways everywhere from Prada to Marc Jacobs. But it isn’t just Americans that are inspired by Michelle’s sense of style.

Berlin Weißensee Arts College student Parsival Cserer, 28, presented his first show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Autumn/Winter 2011 called “Good Morning Miss Obama.” The Spring/Summer collection is “ethnic patterns and color themes join west European silhouette and create an international synthesis based on different jacquard techniques.”

According to the designer’s website:

The master student collection “GOOD MORNING MISS OBAMA” by Parsival Cserer reconciles liberal nonchalance with representation and status-oriented thinking. The evening dress is redefined by replacing its tight corset with elastic handles and loops but it retains its special trimming and select materials. The insignia of power, sequins, gold and silver are melted down, vaporized and ornamentally knitted in liquid form into the surface. The silhouette becomes authentic by showing your body as it is without padding or reinforcing inlays. The business dress leaves its gray past behind and allies itself with the colors of life-loving ornaments. Airy cashmere yarn combines with shimmering silk, fluffy mohair is knitted with coarse linen. This also shows the balanced complexity of your wonderful personality.

Check out the colorful collection of traditional silhouettes and modern, emboldened patterns below:

What do you think of this collection? Do you see our First Lady in it? Do you love it?

–Channing Hargrove

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