Break out your Purel immediately.

According to a recent survey from Google, we may be taking being constantly connected a little too far.   The survey, meant to study smartphone usage, looked at how people use their devices daily, where they went and when they used it the most. By and large the results were fairly unremarkable:

The study confirms what most of us already know. The report finds that in terms of general usage, 93% of smartphone users use their phones at home; 81% browse the Internet and 77% search on their phones, 72% of smartphone users use their phones while consuming other media. One-third of smartphone owners use their phones while watching TV. And 45% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help them to manage and plan activities, such as for dinner plans, travel arrangements and finances.

And then this jarring gem:

Google says that 39% admit to having used their smartphone while going to the bathroom.


Reading that line you really have to wonder, if we’re spending too much time worrying about getting cancer from cell phones and too little sanitizing every QWERTY device we come across. But more importantly, what is so important that people are using their nature time to tap and click away on their phones? In my opinion unless you’re working in national security or a medical professional on call, taking your smartphone into a stall seems a bit much.

What’s your take on the Google survey finding on smartphones in the bathroom? Ambivalent, gross or guilty? Share your thoughts, Clutchettes and gents!

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  • Dawn

    I don’t…. I like to get in there and get out. No reading, no phone… do my thang… and get out.

  • Guest

    This must be said. 39% is nearly 2/5 not 1/5. Smart phones have calculators nowadays!!

  • Girl

    I think that’s nasty. I dont wanna hear anything that implies you’re in the bathroom. Just tell me to call back and I’ll do the same. Gosh..nothing is THAT important

  • Brit


  • smartphoneuser

    Using a smartphone in the bathroom doesn’t mean you’re talking on it, it could mean you’re reading the newspaper, a website, etc, like others have said. Its not gross to carry a magazine or a newspaper in the bathroom with you, and we don’t sanitize those regularly, so whats the difference with the smartphone?

    P.S. I’m also assuming that it is not in your hand the whole time, and you at least put it down to wipe lol.
    and whats wrong with eating on the subway?