A few weeks ago, author Terry McMillan tweeted that the screenplay for the sequel to her smash hit, Waiting to Exhale, was nearing completion and that a film could be coming sometime in 2012.

Immediately, I wondered if Getting to Happy, the sequel, would reunite the original Waiting to Exhale cast members—Whitney, Lela, Loretta, and Angela—and apparently, it will.

Last week on “The Talk,” Angela Basset stopped by to discuss her new film, Jumping the Broom, and let it slip that the entire Waiting to Exhale cast will be back to star in the film’s follow-up, Getting to Happy.

These days it seems like Hollywood is lacking a bit of creativity. From never-ending sequels (Furious 5, anyone?) to horrible remakes, making money seems to have trumped good filmmaking. However, some movies deserve another turn at the box office.

Although I have my ideas about which films are worthy of a sequel, what do you think, Clutchettes?

Which films deserve a sequel?

Let’s talk about it!


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  • Nikeeta

    It’s not a sequel but I sho’ nuff would like to see a Girlfriends movie! Haha.

  • WoW


  • mluv

    I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this film. I might go see it. AND I would really love to see a film of the tv show GIRLFRIENDS. lol.. I want a sequel for that sooo bad. I’m still sad that we never got a real ending for the show. I hope there is something in the making for a girlfriends movie.