What is it about Rahsida Jones?

Not only does the actress have a subtle comedic flare all her own, she manages to be the gorgeous funny girl that no one can help but love. The daughter of two legends (mogul Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton), Rashida is refreshingly content being “semifamous,” not chasing the spotlight or referencing it with the faux woe-is-me approach of other Hollywood stars.

This month, in an interview with GQ to promote her new film, “Our Idiot Brother,” the Harvard grad and “Parks and Recreation” star showed a sexier side, modeling in a stripped down photo shoot.

Speaking on developing her own niche in the comedy world, the actress told GQ:

“I’ll never be the person doing a cartwheel and landing with my skirt over my head. That’s just not who I am. Every week someone on that show [Parks and Recreation] will tickle me in a new and fun way. Wow, that sounds really bad. Please put that next to a topless picture of me in GQ.”


What do you think of Rashida’s GQ shoot? Are you feeling her stripped down look? Tell us what you think Clutchettes- love it or leave it alone?

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