I may not be the biggest fan of her music, but when it comes to snappy comebacks, Rihanna never fails to rise to the occasion.

Today, after releasing the artwork for her latest single, “Man Down,” one of her twitter followers felt the need to comment—yet again—on the singer’s fire-engine red hair.


Although I’m totally over RiRi’s red ‘do, and could critique it on a number of fronts based on how (*ehem* bad) it typically looks, “nappy,” wouldn’t be a term that I used to describe Rihanna’s red wig.

Even though some Black women have embraced the term, “nappy,” the way in which this wayward Twitter user hurled it at RiRi was clearly not meant to be affirmative. However, before the Rihanna Navy could spring totally into to action, the Bajan rude girl verbally smacked down the offending tweeter in a way that was both hilarious and straight to the point.

This serves as yet another lesson for those who 1) continue to talk to and about Black women disrespectfully and think it’s cool, and 2) think that Rihanna is just another pop princess and won’t son you in front of millions.

Be warned.

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  • chanelA

    hey! the girl who tweeted rihanna has a blog and talked about her side of the story. hopefully clutch lets me post this.lol


  • Alexandra

    What makes this story funny is her response; very unexpected & slick mouthed.
    I did laugh a bit.

    Maybe the girl was saying it to be smart…
    Or maybe she just doesn’t know how to describe a busted wig. Haha

  • An all around incredibly written piece!