During the promotional tour for Braxton Family Values, many of us assumed the show would have a clear formula: Toni Braxton, the star, and her interaction with her sisters. Well if one thing has been clear since the We reality series took the air, it’s that Tamar Braxton is no supporting actress- she’s a bonafide star.

With her dictionary of one-liners and an archive of web domains larger than GoDaddy.com, Tamar Braxton has been my favorite of the Braxton sisters (beside Toni, of course) through out the show’s run. Her unapologetic personality, camera ready smile and willingness to speak her mind has gained Tamar her own following and recently she sat down with Black Enterprise, giving her top pieces of financial advice.

“Saveyourmoneydot.com (laughs). Payyourtaxes.org and on time because you will get charged.org for real! Don’t maxyourcardout.com because you never know when you’re gonna need it. And getyourcreditright.com. Black families don’t teach their kids that enough. If you get your credit right, you’ll have a great life!”

While she may have a spark attitude, Tamar’ advice is definitely worth heeding. However, on Family Values, the little sister’s refusal to buy gift cards from Target and TJ Maxx and penchant for $15,000 sunglasses, gave her a shopaholic rep. In the interview, Tamar clarifies saying:

“First of all, I would never spend that much on sunglasses! What’s really funny to me is people took [the Toni situation] out of context. I was not going to get Toni TJ Maxx, Walgreen or Target gift cards because that’s not what I wanted her to have for her birthday. When it’s my birthday she goes all out and makes sure I have a good time, and I just wanted to do the same for her. My idea of going all out isn’t Walgreens or Target, but there’s nothing wrong with those stores. I love them. In fact, I was just at Target yesterday!”

As a Target lover myself, I get where Tamar is coming from. I love the store and drop in whenever I can but if given the option to buy a gift for someone I love, the red bullseye isn’t the first place that pops in my mind.

With her big personality, Tamar offers some sound counsel on financial health. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of one of my older cousins. Even though she is the first to break out the eggnog over the years she has given me some gems on living frugal, including: “Don’t put it on credit if you don’t have a set end date for paying it off” and “Go head and be extra- pay more on that balance if you can.”

What are some valuable pieces of financial advice that you’ve gotten from a sister? Share them with us Clutchettes!

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