After months of speculation, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon finally shared the names of their newborn twins—Moroccan and Monroe.

(Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.)

Although I love Mimi, I admit, these names made me be raise an eyebrow.

Previously Nick let it slip that the names would be “unique” but not anything insane, and I guess he was true to his word. But still…the names just seem so…Hollywood.

In case you were wondering (or confused like I was), Moroccan Scott (nicknamed “Roc”) is the little boy and Monroe, who doesn’t have a middle name because Mariah doesn’t either, is the little girl.

Despite the oddness of their names, however, I guess they are a jillion times better than other off-the-wall celebrity baby names like Moon Unit, Rocket, Apple, and Moxie CrimeFighter (yes, that’s a real name).

What do you think of Nick and Mariah’s babies’ names?


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  • Andi

    O goodness…yes parents do have the right to name their kids whatever they want, but they should think about their children’s future first before they start thinking up these silly names…I say, if you like silly names, then change your OWN name. lol. Monroe is not the most horrible name in the world, but I think I would have switched them up and named the boy Monroe and the girl Morrocan…but hey whatever, I didn’t spend 9 months carrying them…