After months of speculation, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon finally shared the names of their newborn twins—Moroccan and Monroe.

(Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.)

Although I love Mimi, I admit, these names made me be raise an eyebrow.

Previously Nick let it slip that the names would be “unique” but not anything insane, and I guess he was true to his word. But still…the names just seem so…Hollywood.

In case you were wondering (or confused like I was), Moroccan Scott (nicknamed “Roc”) is the little boy and Monroe, who doesn’t have a middle name because Mariah doesn’t either, is the little girl.

Despite the oddness of their names, however, I guess they are a jillion times better than other off-the-wall celebrity baby names like Moon Unit, Rocket, Apple, and Moxie CrimeFighter (yes, that’s a real name).

What do you think of Nick and Mariah’s babies’ names?


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