While we were busy cooing over Serena’s arrival to the MET Gala in an Oscar de la Renta creation, police were putting handcuffs on her stalker hundreds of miles away.

According to sources, Patenema Ouedraogo was caught on the grounds of Williams’ Florida home and arrested. Security on the tennis stars’ estate say Ouedraogo, 40, was stopped and asked for his name. Once he revealed his identity, staff members on the property say he was identified as someone Serena had listed as a suspected stalker.

Ouedraogo was said to be carrying love letters on his person and had previously emailed Serena several emails over the past months.

Last month, Williams took out an injunction out against Ouedraogo in court claiming she was “terrified” of him. Ouedraogo had posed as Serena’s personal assistant while she was making an appearance on the Home Shopping Network.  Despite not arriving with Serena’s team, he managed to fool the HSN staff, even temporarily gaining access to Serena’s dressing room.

Serena has had a restraining order taken out against Ouedraogo since the incident ordering him to stay 500 feet away from her, but it had not been served since he fled.

Ouedraogo’s bail is now set at $25,000. If he is able to post it, he has been ordered to home arrest.

Scary situation for the star, we’re sure, but at least this stalker has been found.

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