I have no bones saying it:  I adore Ms. Kerry Washington.

Never over exposed and always committed to her craft, Kerry is not only a star she is an actress on fire.  Whether she is working with the Obama administration to support the arts or with organizations such as VDay to promote gender equality, Kerry has used her rising star power to lend visibility to the causes she believes in most.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she makes the Best Dressed list for nearly every event she attends.

Now, the movie star is bringing her shine to the small screen in a role that is sure to have audiences hooked.  In ABC’s new sitcom, “Scandal,” Kerry plays Olivia Pope, a professional crisis manager who served as media relations consultant to a former US president.  On the show, Kerry’s staff (including Columbus Short) seek to fix the problems of the nations political elite, while trying to keep the dysfunction that permeates their own lives.

The series, created by Shonda Rhimes, was based on Judy Smith- the real life aide to former President George W. Bush.  Smith, a public relations expert known aiding Bill Clinton, Marion Barry and David Patterson in their less than pleasant moments, was also the first African-American woman to hold the position of deputy press secretary in the White House.

As a fan and political junkie, the trailer for the show has me excited to see more.  Plus, after initially being disappointed by the weak rollout of Fall sitcoms from the networks, its good to see a network making an investment in a show centered around an intelligent, strong woman of color.

What do you think of Kerry’s new role in “Scandal?”  Will you be tuning in?  Tell us what you think Clutchettes- love it or leave it alone?


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