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  • ha

    June Ambrose is so overrated. Don’t we all know some try-hard, thrift store shopping girl in our own neighborhood who resembles her?

    • zy

      I completely agree. I’m really trying to understand what the big fuss is about June Ambrose. From the ridiculous turbans to these outrageous outfits… it’s a mess. She’s been styling Chrisette Michelle and the poor girl looks a hot mess. Why is she getting so much shine? I have friends who could style circles around her. ugh.

    • Keebo

      lol Hush your mouth!*kidding* Thrifting can look great with some effort and real world sense. We don’t all look we like killed and dyed poor Snuffleupagus’s fur or an escaped bag lady refugee(no offense)…for the sake of fashion.

  • African Mami

    the color combo is crazy ugly! No ma’m! I’ve seen better from you Ms. Ambrose.

  • O’Phylia

    Drab isn’t the word. I feel like it’s, “What? Why??? I’m so confused.”

    And what is that on her head???
    Why would someone pluck feathers for what’s on her??? WHY?
    So many questions. Just, just so many…

  • teej

    umm, she looks about one more accessory away from being the next Chiquita banana girl gone polar express. fugly.