The turban has been around for ages. Screen sirens from the ‘40s and ‘50s regularly drew inspiration from the Middle East, wrapping their heads with colorful fabric. The head wraps saw a revival in the ’70s with more of a hippie-inspired vibe, and these days we’ve seen turbans grace the Spring/Summer 2011 runways of designers like Jason Wu, Milly and Issa.

We’ve seen the headpiece adorn the heads of celebs and fashion icons from Zoe Kravitz to Carrie Bradshaw, Shala Monroque to June Ambrose. It’s been turned into everything from a statement-making accessory to a wardrobe staple.

Turbans can be fun, elegant and chic. Plus, they’re a great way to cover a bad hair day.

But a turban can go wrong really easily.

For instance, your headwear should never compete with the rest of your ensemble. It’s a statement piece, so you should let it shine. The fabric, color and print of your turban are key. Anything too shiny, too bright or too busy can translate easily to “too much.” Finally, wrapping and securing your turban in a sleek, effortless way is a must if you don’t want to look sloppy.

What we haven’t seen yet, however, is many people working the turban on the street.

Has the trend really caught on or are you simply not buying all the hype?

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