Summer’s almost here which means vacation season is right around the corner. Whether you head south to Miami or cruise to a Caribbean island, fabulous hair is a necessary accessory to accompany your bathing suit-clad body. Check out these tips to help you look like the hottest thing under the sun during your summer travels.

Wet hair before you take a swim.

Whether you’re poolside or beachside, an easy way to protect hair from the discoloration and drying damage that salt water and chlorine can cause is to drench your hair with water and add a coat of conditioner prior to entering the water.

Don’t be afraid of texture.

Textured hairstyles are a great for vacation getaways. Wearing hair in curls or waves is stylish and pretty easy to maintain. Twist outs, Bantu knots and braids outs (twisting or braiding the hair and taking it loose to reveal curls or waves) work on all hair types that warrant little maintenance except making sure hair is moisturized and occasionally retwisting at night. Wavy extensions are also an easy-to-manage option. For a more diverse use of textured hair, try wet and wavy hair extensions, which can be worn curly or can be flat ironed straight.


Straw hats can be your greatest asset at the beach. Not only do they offer shade from the beaming sun but they also protect hair from potential heat damage caused by UV rays. Believe it or not our hair can experience sun damage so covering it with a stylish fedora or wide-brimmed hat is a trendy protective measure to take. Headbands and scarves are also fashionable alternatives.

Embrace ponytails and braids.

Braids and ponytails create chic, flirty and youthful looks. A sleek, high ponytail, side braid or messy bun are styles that are trendy and take five minutes (or less!) to accomplish.

Wash Hair immediately after you take a dip.

You can’t simply ring excess water from your hair after a trip to the beach and think that’s enough to rid it of salt and other grime. Both chlorine and salt can strip hair of essential lubricants that help to seal moisture into the hair’s shaft. Be sure to wash hair with a conditioning shampoo immediately after a swim to combat these risks.

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-Margaret Francois

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