Have you ever seen Nicki Minaj on the red carpet and thought “Omg! Who did her hair?” Whether this question was sparked because her blunt bangs were the object of your affection, or because you couldn’t imagine having the confidence to rock hair with rainbow-colored tips, you’re doing just what the man behind the looks, Terrence Davidson, intended.

Davidson is an award-winning celebrity hairstylist whose hands have shaped the hair of entertainers such as Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson and Patti Labelle. He’s all about creating statement-making styles that are conversation pieces. We caught up with the busy entreprenuer to talk proper weave and wig care, his take on the importance of rocking statement-making hair and his new wig line and instructional DVD.

Coco+Creme: What advice do you have for first-time weave/wig wearers who don’t really know where to begin with selecting the right look?

Terrance Davidson: Step out the box and take risks! When it comes to wigs and weaves, you can’t be your own critic. You need to embrace your transformation and then I challenge you to unveil your new look around someone you trust that will be honest.

C+C: What tips do you have for properly maintaining weave as far as cleansing and styling?

TD: Now this is really simple for those of you at home. I would recommend a shampoo and deep conditioning every two weeks from the Pantene Relaxed and Natural line. This does wonders for weaves! Now as far as styling goes, I recommend the use of the FHI Elite Professional flat iron for daily maintenance. These flat irons are the best even if you are curling the hair and then top the style off with the Spradiance High Gloss Serum by Mizani for just enough shine. This will keep your weave looking brand new every time.

C+C: What’s the biggest misconception people about wearing weave or wigs?

TD: One of the biggest misconceptions is that people think that wearing a wig or weave makes them look fake or unrealistic. When in reality it’s not about that, it’s a form of creative expression. In my opinion, today we live in a day and age where a weave or wig is a need and not a want. I recommend that when a woman pulls out her dress and shoes, she needs to bring out her wig or lace front. This is only my theory but I believe that a weave or wig is a part of a wardrobe and everyday life. When I teach, I challenge my students to explore their imaginations and in order to create a conversation piece through the hair.

C+C: If a woman gets a full weave, how should she prep her real hair underneath before the weave is installed? Does the same apply for wigs?

TD: I recommend that the natural hair is properly shampooed and deep conditioned. I personally use Motions CPR Treatment and a Mizani Supreme Oil (hot oil treatment) before I braid the natural hair to the scalp. Then I take my time and install the weave. I would use this same process for a wig as well because I would never want to put a strain on natural hair for any reason.

C+C: What advice do you have for maintaining wigs?

TD: I always tell my clients that in order to keep a wig looking new and fresh, they should place the wig on a mannequin with a silk scarf wrapped around it to keep the hair silky and with its natural sheen. This technique works with straight or curly wigs; the mannequin helps to hold the shape of the wig.

C+C: I’m sure an innovative mind, like you, has a few projects brewing. What can we expect from you in the near future?

TD: I recently released the Just My Colour wig line and it has been a complete success. My DVD titled “How I Got in The Game” is due to drop before the holidays. This DVD will illustrate how to create the perfect wig and weave for yourself and choose a style that fits your personality.  And of course, between all of this and styling celebrities’ hair, I still have the Tranz4merz International Hair Battle touring in major cities. I have a lot of other things brewing, but you will have to stay tuned for the rest.

What tip do you have for caring for wigs?

-Margaret Francois

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