It pains me to even write this, but yesterday Psychology Today published an article by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist, about the physical attractiveness of women. In his article, Kanazawa “found” that “Black women are rated less physically attractive than all other women.”

I call b.s.

This article began screaming across my Twitter timeline a few hours ago, and Black women are rightly pissed off.

I planned on ignoring it (why give shine to obvious crap?), but some Clutchettes were (rightly) upset by it and emailed us to talk about it.

In the last few years the media and various “studies” have been on a campaign to convince Black women that we are invisible, least likely to get married, grossly overweight, killing off our babies, responsible for the hole in the ozone layer (I kid), and now…the ugliest women on earth?

I’m over it.

Articles like this Psychology Today piece (which I refuse to link to because they will not get traffic from me!) do little but infuriate Black women and give some Black-women-hating folks junk science to hang their hat on.

While we can sit around and be pissed off about this article (and others like it) all day, I say we use this opportunity to spring into action. Let’s show Psychology Today and other outlets that we are not taking their pot shots lightly.

Many have already taken to tweeting their frustration, flooding the @psychtoday timeline with their disapproval, while others have decided to write the site directly. Whatever you do, Clutchettes, we cannot continue to sit around and let these types of attacks go quietly into the night.

We need to begin holding these writers, “scientists,” and so-called intellectuals accountable for their constant attacks and misrepresentation of Black women, because if we don’t stand up and call them out on their B.S. no one will.

Want to express your disapproval? Email or tweet Psychology Today and let them know exactly how you feel.


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