It is 2011, but there are still only a handful of beauty brands that cater to the beauty needs of women of color. Most fail to acknowledge the complexities of our skin tones, which limits us to only shopping from a very small selection.

NARS is a brand that has always presented a wealth of products for us and each season, the collections are even better. It has just launched a new website “Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself” which gives detailed instructions on how we can all recreate the looks from François Nars book’ with the same title.

Here are five reasons to check out the site and spread the word:

1. You will not have to worry about makeup ideas for the rest of 2011.

There are twelve looks shown in total which gives you enough makeup ideas for the rest of the year. You can alter them with different lip shades, eye shadows, blushes and so much more.

2. The site shows looks on women of color.

Whenever I browse magazines or watch beauty tutorials on television, the models are rarely women of color which makes me scared to try it on myself. Don’t fret here: NARS shows looks on a variety of women from fair-skinned to brown-skinned.

3. See the attempts on real women.

Runway looks really do not work on everyone, so before you take the plunge see real women just like you and I try them out on themselves.

4. Earn priceless tricks and tips from François Nars himself.

François Nars is a beauty legend and on the site, he shares advice that you can take with you forever.

5. Makeup is fun again.

Our daily beauty routines can become quite a chore, but NARS makes it fun again by treating it as a game and really encouraging us all to try something out of our comfort zones.

Visit www.makeupyourmind.com to start using the site now.

What do you think of the Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself site? Will you be visiting soon and using it for beauty inspiration?

-Faith Cummings

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