Jill Scott has always carried herself with the utmost class and grace, so 50 Cent’s nasty comment about her recent weight-loss really rubbed me the wrong way:


While the rapper is free to not be attracted to big women, did he really have to compare Scott to a “station wagon”? All he had to say was “she looks great’; the station wagon analogy was totally uncalled for. Ironically, I’ve always known tons of guys who don’t date bigger girls, but have ALWAYS said they’d be incredibly grateful to have a chance at Jilly from Philly. Curtis, on the other hand, isn’t really a daydream feature amongst the women I know. Just sayin’.

50 was right about one thing: Jill definitely looks amazing these days.

Then again, she’s always been fly. Never a “station wagon”. Try again, Curtis.



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  • Gia

    Reminder – that tweet is from a man who offers himself as chattel in the sense when he says – ” Have a baby by me [sweetie]. Be a millionaire.”
    So for him, having a woman actually be authentic and care about him as a person isn’t as important as him just “wanting” her and being able to give her money as “compensation” for sleeping with him while not having zero attraction for him. For me, I think his morale is just a little… I really don’t think he meant any harm by what he said (though I don’t agree with the context and candor with which he expressed himself. Let me face it. I always pretty much think 50 cent is an immature turd, who needs to always have something slick to say about someone else… but I don’t think he “felt” he was being disrespectful. It’s really a serious reflection as to the life his living and the style of interaction he’s having with the women in his sphere…. which for him, isn’t such the sad world we all see it as.
    He’s an ass, sorry – just plain and simply…

  • JerseyBred323


    Jill Scott is gorgeous. I love that pic of her.

  • JerseyBred323

    50 is fugs. Next!

  • Nikki

    Jilly looks good, though she needs to purchase some( I don’t know how to say without offending..lolol) better undergarments, because she is heavy up top. Congrats on the weight loss though, I know it’s never easy.

  • Consider the source. I would not expect “Hark! What light through yonder window breaks…” from him.