Just when you thought we moved passed blatant racism, another hate-filled incident comes and reminds you that we still have so far to go.

Last month, a sophomore at Santa Monica High School in California was attacked by his wrestling teammates in an apparent racially motivated crime. According to reports, the incident took place May 4 when the young man walked into his high school’s wrestling room and saw a brown practice mannequin with a noose tied around its neck. The Los Angeles Times reports that the student then walked into the locker room to change for practice when two students attacked him. The assailants used a cable wire to tie the young man to the lockers and called him a slave.

Although the attack took place over a month ago, the teen’s mother says she heard about the incident weeks later on May 31. Neither her son, nor the school informed her of what happened because they didn’t want to disgrace the team. The boy’s mother, Victoria Gray, says another parent told her about the incident, and she later contacted police about her son’s attack.

Earlier this month school administrators sent a letter to parents regarding the attack, saying it was a “serious matter that warranted a swift and appropriate response.” Apparently, the school felt the “appropriate response” was to suspend the alleged attackers for their “prank,” but police aren’t so sure they handled it correctly. Santa Monica PD is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.


What do you think? Should this incident be investigated as a hate crime or be treated as a childish prank? Sound off!


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