Amy Winehouse. Say her name and it almost requires a sigh afterwards.

The British singer who has long struggled with drugs and alcohol addictions has become known as much for her talent as her vices. In 2006, her album “Back To Black” earned five Grammy awards. While she has spent much of the past years recuperating and preparing for her return to the stage, if her latest performance is any indication—she’s not all the way there yet.

In Belgrade for the first stop of her European comeback tour, the blues muse got less than rave reviews when she made fans who had come to the Serbian capitol city to see her wait over an hour for her show to start. Winehouse was clearly intoxicated during the performance and gave the 20,000 fans in attendance a sloppy couple of minutes on stage before disappearing and leaving fans hanging.

Throughout her set, it was unclear which of her songs she was actually singing and her wondering back and forth left her band to play uninterrupted, leading their own show. According to Serbian media, many fans expressed their disappointment, booing and walking out of the show.

Seeing Winehouse’s public struggles, it’s impossible not to think of another singer whose critical acclaim was followed by a breakdown—Lauryn Hill.  And while Hill’s struggles were much more ambiguous than Amy Winehouse’s, both women have a captured the public imagination with dreams of them recapturing their better days.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if part of the appeal of problem stars isn’t just in their great music, but in our memories as well.

What do you think Clutchettes, are we too nostalgic for problem stars or is there more to the continued adoration than just the memories?

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