When designer heels attack! Aretha Franklin is the latest celebrity to be the victim of killer stilettos. Her spiked Jimmy Choo heels became a weapon of mass destruction when she tripped over them in her hotel room and ended up with a fracture in her left index toe.

Of her fashion fall, Aretha said:

“How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?”

Only Aretha! Her humorous reaction calls to mind a saying among women that we’ve heard since we were little girls wincing as Mom styled our hair: “beauty is pain.” Enduring discomfort and even danger for the sake of fashion is par for the course.

Earlier this year, I was shocked to learn that I had damaged my ankle by wearing heels to work everyday. Despite slight yet re-occuring pain in my toes, the balls of my feet and my ankle, I had pranced around in designer heels at 5 inches or higher everyday for years—not to mention dancing at clubs in them during weekends.

Since my ankle injury, I’ve wizened up a bit. I’ve discovered comfortable flats and miraculous Dr. Scholl’s inserts to help curb discomfort in high-heeled shoes.

But the question remains: why subject yourself to pain in the first place? Women like me, Aretha Franklin, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have all documented injuries, bruises, cuts and bleeding due to dangerous high-heeled shoes. And yet the majority of women still wear them, you know, to match with their “Marc Jacobs gowns.”

Have you ever experienced pain or even an injury in high heels? Do you endure it anyway in the name of Fashion? Discuss.


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