Though not a mainstream star, Sophie Okonedo is one of Hollywood’s most decorated actresses both domestically and internationally. Her life is a veritable melting pot: a London native, her father from Nigeria and her mother an Ashkenazi Jew. That unique mixture of cultures came together in Sophie and are just some of the many reasons for her outstanding beauty and worldly spirit.

Sophie’s childhood was challenging, with her father leaving at age five and thus leaving her and her mother in poverty. Despite unfortunate circumstances, she flourished and honed her talents, studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She got her acting start in 1991 for the film Young Soul Rebels and her popularity has been on an uphill climb ever since. Some of her famous work for both television and film includes Dirty Pretty Things, Hotel Rwanda, Tsunami: The Aftermath, The Secret Life of Bees, Skin, Mrs. Mandela and Criminal Justice. She has won a Black Reel Award for Best Actress, a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress and she has been nominated for an Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Television Award. Sophie was also appointed as an Officer of the British Empire in 2010 which is a true honor.

No matter what her role, Sophie’s effortless beauty always shines through. She is often seen wearing her naturally curly hair and her favorite shade of rose-colored lipstick, knowing what truly looks best on her and being confident enough to stay authentic and true to herself. Her work ethic is unmatched and she is one of the best at her craft, challenging herself with each new role and never letting herself become comfortable in a “niche” or becoming an actress whom you can only expect certain things from. Sophie is sexy and elegant and always manages to let her work speak for itself, though her beauty can speak mountains on its own.

What do you think of Sophie Okonedo’s look and career?

-Faith Cummings

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