When your mother is Diana Ross, it is pretty much a given that your life will be filled with beauty and glamour, but Tracee Ellis Ross has made a name for herself that is all her own. With her beautiful natural hair, wide-set eyes, full lips and a figure and talent to match, she is a stunner in every sense of the word and our favorite girlfriend, on and off the screen.

Tracee has the laid-back vibe of her hometown of Los Angeles and along with her mother’s amazing genes and striking looks, she has an effortless grace and beauty that is impossible to mimic. She has a great head on her shoulders, having gone to Brown and studied theatre, as well as serving as a fashion editor at Mirabella and New York Magazine. She started her acting career in 1996 in the film Far Harbor and has since gone on to act in films Hanging Up, Daddy’s Little Girls and many more, as well as in television shows Private Practice, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and her most well-known role as Joan Clayton in Girlfriends.

We all fell in love with Joan and thus developed an eight-year love affair with her, as well as with Tracee. Joan’s fashion and beauty looks are very much like Tracee’s: sexy effortless dresses and separates that hug a woman’s curves in all the right places, thick voluminous hair that can stop traffic, flawless dewy skin and bold lip choices. Though the character was fictional, she and Tracee shared the same love for chic style and success and both have extremely vibrant personalities that we all cannot help but gravitate to. Tracee is not only confident, but knows what works for her, never prescribing to trends or fads because the kind of beauty that she possesses is classic and timeless. She constantly reminds us that a woman can be flirtatious and sensual without having to bare it all and that poise and grace are a woman’s ultimate accessories.

What do you think of Tracee Ellis Ross’ look and career? How does her natural beauty and high fashion style inspire you?

-Faith Cummings

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